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"I'm glad you stopped by. It gives me a chance to end our HIDEOUS relationship."

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Fuck You, I'm Drunk
Interests: (48)
20s to 50s movies, 70-80s rock, ballroom, batman, batman/superman, books, bruce wayne, charles dickens, clark kent, cole porter, comic books, cyd charisse, dc comics, e.s. posthumus, flight of the conchords, frank sinatra, fred astaire, gargoyles, gershwin brothers, gregory peck, guitar, harmonica, holmes/watson, irving berlin, jazz & standards, jon stewart, julie london, kal-el, knowledge for knowledge's sake, leather bound books, lewis black, metaphysics, music, musical instruments, mythology, neil gaiman, oscar wilde, philosophy, piano, psychology, science, sherlock holmes, stephen colbert, superman, the rat pack, the world's finest, violin, well-written essays
You wouldn't like me if we knew each other in real life.